A “New” New York City

UnknownI’ve lived in New York for a long time.  I’ve worked uptown, midtown and downtown and I explore the city endlessly.  The thing is, I’ve never embraced the subway.  I’ve taken the train several times.  Literally, several times since I moved here.  But I never viewed it as a viable option to getting around.  From the first day in my first apartment I was a taxi girl.

Virtually everyone says it’s the easiest, most efficient way to get around town.  Intellectually I knew this was true.  And it’s not, by the way, that I don’t know how the system works.  Nor am I unable to read a map.  It is simply this…the act of going underground and relinquishing all control, even for a short while, terrifies me.  When the train stops between stations I start to look like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News.  (Rent it.  You’ll see what I mean.)  But now I am, as they say, between engagements.  Budget cuts are in order and this seemed a good place to start.

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  There is one subway station on my corner, and another two blocks away.  I mean…seriously…no excuses.  It went well for a day.  Then an empty cab happened along as I was walking to the subway, and I jumped in, and I paid a ridiculous amount of money (relatively speaking) to travel 25 blocks.  (To be specific, $15 plus tip vs. $2 for the subway.)  I had to stop the madness!

I remembered something my friend Jackie told me a while back…That if you want to change  behavior you have to practice the new behavior for 30 consecutive days.  Several false starts later and I am traveling by subway every day!

The New York Subway system has quite literally redefined my relationship with Manhattan.  Last week I went to a breakfast meeting in Soho.  18 minutes door to door.  Yesterday I had a meeting in midtown.   Traffic was at a standstill but I got to my appointment stress-free.  And when I make plans with friends I ‘m far more inclined to travel beyond the boundaries of my neighborhood to meet.  My perspective is different, and my attitude is different, and I really am loving this change!

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