The Spoiler

Let me say at the outset that I acknowledge that this situation is entirely my fault. 
My first niece was born more than 13 years ago and with each of my sisters’ successive children I have gotten sucked in deeper.  I literally have lost the ability to say no to these children.  Build A Bear, American Girl, MBX bikes, weekends away.  And now there are five of them…13, 11, 9 and 4 year old twins.  I have worked hard to earn the title “Best Aunt with Whom I’d like to Spend All My Free Time.”  With that in mind…

I spent last Saturday with my youngest sister and her kids.  Barbara (13), David (11) and Rebecca (9).  The Sunday before I had gone to an outlet mall and picked up a few little things for the girls.  What I mean by a few “little” things is…Barbara got a “little” Fendi bag, and Rebecca got a “little” Sportsac suitcase and a “little” Sportsac Tokidoki backpack.  Unfortunately there is not a lot at Woodbury Commons that my nephew would appreciate, so he sat by and watched the action.  Little did I know he had a plan.

Last year my nephew really wanted a BMX bike for his birthday.   My brother in law didn’t think they were that expensive, so I took him to the store.  BIG surprise on the price.  Especially because, unbeknownst to me, he knew what he wanted. And it wasn’t the budget bike.  So we made a deal.  I bought him the bike as a combined gift for his April birthday and the following Hanukah.  Of course, Hanukah came and I couldn’t give him nothing, but that’s not the point of this post.

So back to last Saturday. We pile into the car and head off to do some errands, including a trip to the local GameStop store.  (I knew what was coming but didn’t have the common sense to flee.)  David wanted to trade in his Sony Playstation for an XBox 360.  When it was all said and done he had $160 to put toward the new system.  Of course he is calculating and I am sure he waited to do this until I was with him.  Of course, I offered up the same deal as last year, which he quickly accepted.  So we got the system, an extra handheld wireless controller and one game.   (I know…one measly game.  Do me a favor and STOP IT!)  We drove home, he hooked it up in 2 minutes and before we knew it the den was filled with boys playing on the new XBox.

I’m not really complaining.  I was just thinking about what I had when I was their age.  As I recall, Landlubber jeans (not Juicy), a pair of apricot colored shoes from Bakers in Roosevelt Field (not Fendi), a Patty Playpal doll (that did nothing other than sit there) and a pink plastic case for my 45 records (so I could take it to my friend’s house and play them on her record player).

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