Forget the Cheerleader! Save the Seals!

Seal I am sure NBC will make sure the Cheerleader on their hit show Heroes survives.  They can’t afford to kill off the series.  Meanwhile at the end of March an annual horror will unfold on the ice in Northern Canada.  Hunters are allowed by the Canadian government to slaughter hundreds of thousands of seals with no rules around how to accomplish this goal.  Many of the seals killed are days old.  I’ll spare you the gory details.  They gave me nightmares for a good long time.   

Russia and Belgium have already banned the hunt.  And the EU is pressuring the Scandanavian countries to follow suit.  Let’s show Canada that it’s time to end this barbaric

Take action to end the seal huntSign a petition.   Boycott American companies who buy Canadian seafood, including Red Lobster and Publix.  In fact, take a look at the products you buy and if they come from Canada chose another brand.

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