I Miss Snow Days

I’m not sure when I became a grown up, but if I had to guess it would be the day I realized that snow days didn’t mean staying in bed and watching TV. I woke up this morning to the first snow storm of the season. Remarkable considering that last year at this time (exactly this time in fact) we had a 29" blizzard in 24 hours. Today’s storm just made a mess of the roads and barely left a coating in comparison.
Still, I really wanted to stay home. Under my big, fat down blanket with the alpaca duvet cover. Drinking Diet Coke and watching soap operas. But nooooo……
Now I have two young people working for me and I have to set an example, be responsible, blah blah blah. (This, by the way, was particularly irritating as I stood on Central Park West trying to get a cab while being pelted in the face by hail. Nature’s dermabrasion.) We had a meeting scheduled for this afternoon and I wanted to come in and go to that meeting with them. It was canceled by the way.

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